OverPass VP710

OverPass VP710

The VP710 tag has our Vypin Chill sensor for instant temperature control. 


  • Fully Waterproof
  • Magnetic for easy installation
  • Chill Sensor
  • Anti-Slip
  • Extremely rugged
  • Talks to any modern day smart phone using our free app software


  • VP710 tag
  • Optional mounting adhesives
  • Optional steel mounting tab
  • Installation guide

OverPass Chill from Vypin offers complete temperature controlled shipment assurance.  VP710 tags can be quickly attached to any shipment for real time monitoring and/or data logging for future reference.


  • Complete temperature controlled shipment assurance in total compliance with Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Real-time end to end visibility
  • Temperature tracking during pre-cooling and transport
  • Immediate alerts that identify cold chain events
  • Secure retention of shipment records fully documenting FSMA compliance


  • Vypin OverPass Chill account
  • Vypin IoT Cloud access
  • Vypin app software

 Monthly Payment:

  • Monthly recurring charge to access data created from the VP 710 tag.